Why Choose Us

There are several good reasons why choosing us is a great idea but let’s start with the biggest reason people like you do very well with our unique blend of osteopathic treatment and years of expertise.

After 1 week, 89.5% of osteopathic patients report some level of improvement in their symptoms. At 6 weeks, 96.2% of osteopathic patients report improvement or recovery There is good evidence for manual therapy reducing pain and disability while improving function and range of movement for MSK problems including low back pain, neck pain, shoulder dysfunction, cervicogenic headaches, and in pregnancy-related back and pelvic pain.

You will leave us with a better understanding of your problem, a knowledge of what practical steps you can take to help, and a feeling that you have been listened to, understood and welcomed.


Six weeks after treatment, 98.8% of patients said their experience of osteopathy was ‘good or very good’ 96.4% of patients said they were ‘satisfied or very satisfied with osteopathic care National Council for Osteopathic Research, Patient Reported Outcome Measures data 2020.

We are a group of specialists that makes every effort to provide professional ethical appropriate care for you.

Paul Stamp and Helen Froggatt have co authored a book published by the BBC in their management series entitled "Managing pressure at Work" it was republished and there is an Italian version as well. They organised seminars for the senior management at Hewlett Packard, Neath Borough Council and have run course for Gloucestershire Adult Education on Stress Management and Spinal Pain management.

Our Osteopaths are very experienced, fully trained and registered with the General Osteopathic Council.

Our reception staff will make you feel valued and welcome.

Our Covid protocols will make you feel safe.

We all feel incredibly grateful that we have the trust of our patients and the main way we stay busy is through their recommendations, we have seen generations of the same family. We have patients from around the globe if you are considering who to see. We are a box you need to tick. A practice you need to consult and a line of enquiry you need to follow.