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Stretches and exercises

Swiss ball exercises

Here at Gloucester Osteopaths we recommend certain exercises to strengthen and support your back. Often it is useful to have a reminder of how to do these and so here are some useful links.

When doing your swiss ball exercises, remember that you need to stick to a particular ratio:

three back extensions

to two ball crunches

Core stability exercises

Your core muscles are extremley important and support your lower back. If they are weak, then you will be more prone to back pain. Here is a link to some basic core muscle strengthening exercises. If you are in any doubt about whether you should be doing them or how to do them then please ask your osteopath.


Stretching exercises

Stretching is frequently a good way to help the body recover from an acute episode of musculoskeletal pain and also a great way to prevent further recurrence of problems. As part of your exercise and recovery programme your osteopath may give you specific stretches to do and, if you follow the link below ,you can see reminders of exactly how to do them so you can be sure you are doing them properly. If you are experiencing any pain or you are still not sure that you are doing them correctly, then please don't hesitate to contact your osteoapth at the clinic.


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