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Ten tips to a better back

Here are some basic rules for avoiding and managing back pain. If you follow these, then your back will be more comfortable.


1-      Always warm up before activity, this includes activities that you may not think need it like gardening and cleaning, as well as sports. Don’t go straight out to the garden and start digging, do some gentle jobs first to warm your muscles up, and don’t dive straight into the hoovering do some dusting first to get your back moving. When it comes to sports we all know we should warm up and down but how many of us really do? If you suffer from back pain it’s even more important. At Gloucester Osteopaths we can give you advice on what exercises and stretches are best for you.


2-      It’s important to take regular exercise; even a gentle walk can help keep your muscles supple and your back moving but, as mentioned before, make sure you warm up before hand. If you experience any pain when exercising, make sure to consult your osteopath to ensure it’s not doing you any harm.


3-      When performing any repetitive task, try to vary the rhythm and pace that you do it, as this will prevent too much strain being placed on any one part of your back or limbs. Make sure you take regular breaks as well; his will help your body cope with the strain.


4-      It’s not only during activities that you need to consider your back but also when you are sitting in one position for long periods. These days most of us spend at least some of our time sitting at a computer and maintaining this posture for long periods can be detrimental to our health. Make sure you take breaks from work every hour, even if it’s just to stand up, stretch and walk round your desk. It will help stop your muscles seizing up. Check that your work station is set up correctly; this can be a major factor in upper back problems related to work posture. You can ask your osteopath about your desk or work station.


5-      Driving can be a contributor to back problems. Make sure that you take regular breaks on long drives and adjust your seat to its optimum position for you. If it’s still not comfortable, then you may benefit from a separate lumbar support, which you can buy from us at Gloucester Osteopaths.


6-      If you are pregnant, it is always advisable to have a check up with your Osteopath. Your body is undergoing  changes. If we can make sure your body is functioning to its optimum, then it will cope better with the changes and it will be less likely that you experience back pain during your pregnancy.


7-      It’s good to start caring for backs early, so check your children’s posture. Do they carry their school bag on one shoulder? If so try and get them to use a rucksack to spread the load evenly and check that their school bag isn’t too heavy. If you’re in any doubt about their posture, come and have a chat with us at Gloucester Osteopaths.



8-      Maintenance osteopathic treatments can be greatly beneficial. As the saying goes, "prevention is better than cure". If you've had back pain in the past, there's a chance it may come back and you could prevent that with regular treatment.


9-    And lastly, if you do have an acute episode of back pain, it's better to seek treatment sooner rather than later. At that point your muscular aches and pains are easier to deal with and we can give you advice on how to manage and stop the pain so you will be in pain for less time and back to your usual self sooner.

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