Sports injuries

Sports Osteopathy

If you have an injury in the gym or on the pitch then your body will produce and inflammatory reaction and you need to cool that down. Apply gentle pressure with a tubigrip or strapping and apply cool packs 4-5 times a day for 10 mins each time and rest.

Once the initial injury has improve most people leave the rest of the recovery to mother nature but what if your pain doesn't go away? Thats when you need a professional assesment to diagnose exactly what you have damaged and how to get you back on track.

At Gloucster Osteopathis and sports injuries clinic we start by establishing exactly what type of tissue you have damaged as this gives us vital information about how long teh injury will take to heal and what is the best route to help you heal.

From the first appointment we will be using our in-depth knowledge of physiology, anatomy and biomechanics of normal and injured tissue to give us the most accurate assessment of your injury. We combine this with our finely honed sense of touch to help diagnose and heal your injury.

Many patients are surprised that we know where things are painful even when they don' tell us and thats because damaged tissues feel different to healthy tissue.

we work closely with many GP surgeries and with Dr Rod Jaquesour local Olympic British doctor and here is what they have to say:

"I have known paul Stamp for approximately 10 years and have referred him patients during the course of that time. I consider him to be an excellent musculo-skeletal Osteopath who has significant sports injuries practice" Dr Rod Jaques

Dr Kevin Barraclough "I have been a colleague of Pauls for 14 years and we have frequently sheared the care of patients with musculoskeletal injuries and problems. Paul is extremely experienced in the assessment and management of musculoskeletal disease."

Sports man Nik Kanonik "personally the difference treatment makes to my body and training effort is massive. As athletes we can often neglect our bodies and ignore problems. Getting regular check ups has helpd alignment issues and for me to progress massively this year. Going forward I have potential aims to reach the commonwealth games in Glasgow 2014 and Osteopathy and Paul's clinic is a key part in me staying injury free to achieve this. I could not recommend it more for any athlete or sports person of any level looking to progress"

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